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  Basic Open Water Course

Part I 

The Basic Open Water course consists of three In Class Sessions that will cover introduction to Scuba, review of material and student requirements, equipment requirements

Part II 


In Water Training consists of two Pool Sessions to review basic water safety skills, swimming skills, and introduce skin diving and Scuba Skills.


Here you will learn to use your Snorkeling and Scuba equipment properly, Pre-dive equipment inspection, setup, removal, cleaning and care of equipment. Now you're ready to dive.

Part III

 Will include Two days of diving (5 training dives) to complete your Open Water Diving certification. The first day of diving will be held in one of Florida's crystal clear fresh water springs.


The second day you will be diving in the Gulf of Mexico for your final certification dives. This course 
includes the use of BC, Regulator, Tanks and Diver Certification Cards.


Group Instruction

$249.00 + materials and dives

Semi-Private Instruction

$350 per person

Private Instruction

$450 per person

Get Nitrox Certification during your Open Water Class:
Requires one extra academic session and Nitrox Materials
Add $99

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Specialty Scuba Courses Available

Specialty Diver Courses 

Recreational Deep Diving

Night and Limited Visibility

Search and Recovery

Stress & Rescue

Wreck Diving

Boat Diving



(Specialty courses will be applied toward Advanced Open Water Certification)


Nitrox Certification Course   $149.00

This half day course introduces you to
Recreational Nitrox diving

Nitrox is a different mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen than the air we normally breathe which contains about 21% Oxygen and about 79% Nitrogen. By enriching the air with a small amount of additional Oxygen we effectively reduce the amount of Nitrogen available for adsorption during a dive. This means that with equivalent dive times, a Nitrox diver will have less dissolved Nitrogen in their tissue groups than the air breathing dive partner. The lower Nitrogen level allows divers longer no decompression limits at recreation depths, shorter surface intervals between dives, and less physiologic stress on the tissues of the body.

Advanced Open water Certification Course 

This course requires a minimum of 4 specialty courses and divers must have 25 logged dives. This is a detailed course that requires the commitment, time, and effort of each diver. Each Student will have the opportunity to dive in several challenging conditions under the direct supervision of the instructor. Upon completion of the Advanced Open Water course you will be a self sufficient, comfortable, and confident…Advanced Diver!
$250.00 + Educational material and dives

Professional Certification Course

Ever dream of having the ocean as your office? 

SSI Dive Control Specialist, or DiveCon, is our initial dive leadership level and is considered by many as the "fun" leadership rating. It's fun and satisfying because you can do more than any other entry-level dive leader. As a Dive Control Specialist you can:

  • Work on dive boats, at resorts and retail stores, and take people diving

  • Lead dive trips and tours

  • Assist SSI Instructors in the pool and open water

  • Teach skills in the pool under the direct supervision of an SSI Instructor

  • Teach the SSI Scuba Skills Update program

  • Teach the SSI Snorkeling program

  • Teach selected SSI Specialty courses like:

    • Boat Diving, DAN O2, Equipment Techniques, Free Diving

    • Marine/Fish Identification, MX-10 Photo, Navigation,

    • Underwater Sign Language, Underwater Photo, Underwater Video

    • Teach selected First Aid and CPR programs

You can do more because you receive both dive master and assistant instructor training in the Dive Control Specialist course. With other agencies these components are separate courses.

You will study advanced physics, physiology and decompression theory. You'll practice advanced rescue techniques, fine-tune your diving skills and learn the basics of teaching.

Plus, there's a high demand for SSI Dive Control Specialists at retail shops and exotic resorts.

This is the first step to becoming a Scuba Instructor

Tampa's ONLY Dual NAUI and SSI Training Facility
We are authorized to train both Agencies Programs


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